We’re the missing piece in your daily wellness routine

Living each
day to its

Living each day to its fullest potential is the goal we all aspire to. Truthfully, life can often get in the way of wellbeing. It feels like there just isn’t enough time to eat, exercise and rejuvenate the way we’re meant to.
The overladen pharmacy aisles of vitamins don’t help as there’s an oversupply of brands, an undersupply of credibility and we leave feeling entirely overwhelmed and unsure about our product selection.

We all want to be that person

We all know that guy or girl. The ones who get their 5km run in before the sun rises, who have boundless energy, zero wrinkles and genuinely like kale. Let’s be real, you’re never going to crave an all-green smoothie. But we’re here to help you on your journey to feeling like your best self. At VitaminMe, our goal is to help our community live life to the full by empowering them to feel healthy, motivated and confident.

A Unique
for a Unique

VitaminMe is a personalised vitamin subscription service that provides tailormade supplement solutions based on your lifestyle and nutritional requirements. We’re here to make the path to feeling like your best self as easy, enjoyable and results driven as possible.
We understand that time is limited, flexibility is key and convenience is mandatory.
We also know that you’re an individual with specific concerns and goals. You don’t have the time to peruse overstocked pharmacy aisles staffed by personnel who recommend the latest products but don’t fully understand their ingredients or their effectiveness. VitaminMe believes that knowledge is power. We pride ourselves on explaining -in human terms -the array of benefits you should expect from our vitamin products when consumed on an ongoing basis. We also provide regular health, lifestyle and fitness content to ensure our community has access to the latest, scientifically founded research for optimal wellbeing.

Packaged for you

Our custom packaging is a key part of the VitaminMe experience. Your first delivery will include a complimentary eco-friendly container that holds your personalised vitamin bottles. We also include a handy calendar accompanied with stickers for you to mark off each day you’ve taken your vitamins! It’s never been easier to stick to your daily routine. 

Personalised wellness


We’ve worked with leading pharmacologists, nutritionists and manufacturers to create a vitamin range that leverages the highest quality ingredients and the latest scientific research.
We’re so convinced by the results of VitaminMe products that we offer all customers a 90-day-money-back guarantee if they’re disappointed with their results after daily consumption of our products for the recommended 90-day period.

We Don’t Take our Credibility for Granted

We’ve ensured our products are of a superior standard by partnering with a manufacturer approved by the Medical Council and accredited with the:
South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA)
The South African Department of Health (DOH)
The South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC)