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Break the cycle: sleep deprivation & stress

There’s no doubt that we’re living in stressful times. As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept through South Africa, the resulting lockdown restrictions have been some of the strictest in the world, and have led to job losses for many, and curtailment of social activities that we rely on for a sense of well-being.

COVID-19 and the lockdown have left many of us with an understandable sense of unease and concern about the future. An underlying feeling of stress then develops, leaking into our collective subconscious and leaving many South Africans with anxiety issues and resulting sleep problems.

This becomes a vicious circle, where lack of sleep leads to more stress, and more stress results in depression and even less sleep (often exacerbated by a reliance on caffeine drinks to cope). But fortunately, there are ways to address this, and break the cycle of sleep deprivation and stress. VitaminMe (a personalised on-demand vitamin service) has developed a product that conveniently addresses both these issues, all in one all in one tablet.

As just one of a whole range of tailor-made products designed according to your individual nutritional and lifestyle needs, VitaminMe Sleep + Anxiety has been shown to help you sleep better, while reducing feelings of anxiety, and thereby increasing your sense of well-being. 

How does it work?

Containing natural ingredients like valerian root (relaxes body and mind), passionflower (for insomnia, restlessness and agitation) and theanine (reduces resting heart rate and aids sleep), VitaminMe Sleep + Anxiety is sure to leave you feeling more like yourself again. And who doesn’t want that in these stressful times?

Next time you wake up, make sure you feel refreshed and revitalised, rather than tired and flustered.