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Bump up your wellness regime

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle (getting enough sleep and exercising regularly, as well as keeping a handle on stress) and eating the right foods is the key to optimum wellness.

In prehistoric times, when we were hunter-gatherers, we possessed all the valuable skills and knowledge to harvest the right foods and use the correct herbal medicines to keep us healthy. Gradually the modern lifestyle has, in many ways, separated us from the natural world that nourishes us. The good news is that we are slowly evolving and rediscovering this knowledge, and constantly investigating how to be healthy while living in the contemporary world.

Personalised wellness targeting your bodys requirements
Are you ticking all the right boxes to stay healthy? VitaminMe has a range of vitamin products using the highest quality ingredients that have been especially formulated by top pharmacologists in the country to target your body’s specific needs. Taking the right capsules/tablets daily, and including a nutrient-rich diet as part of your wellness routine, will give your body the fuel to function optimally and keep you feeling fighting fit.

Brain + Heart Health
For optimum health, the body requires the vital organs to function efficiently. Inflammation is a common cause of disease: neurological function, eye and heart wellness can be kept in check with Omega 3s, specifically eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are long-chain fatty acids – potent inflammation fighters.

Debloating + Digestion 
Bloating and digestion problems can cause discomfort during the day and affect your quality of sleep. Antioxidant enzymes can alleviate bloating, maintain a healthy digestive system and keep your skin (one of your vital organs) in great condition. Inositol (good for menstrual regulation), glutamine (maintains the gut), fennel (relaxes and soothes the stomach), turmeric (anti-inflammatory and liver supporter) and milk thistle (liver detoxifier) ensure your stomach and liver stay healthy.

Immunity + Strength 
A good multivitamin complex can alleviate the ravages of a stressful modern lifestyle, while giving you the additional nutrients you may be missing in your diet. Immunity + Strength includes Echinacea (potent immune booster), zinc, Vitamins D3 and C and Selenium and B-complex vitamins, a combination that promotes healthy skin, nails and bones, and boosts energy levels.

Sleep + Anxiety
Don’t skimp on sleep; your body needs enough rest to stay healthy. Valerian root (a herb that induces relaxation and can help you fall asleep quicker) and passionflower (which has a calming effect on the mind) can alleviate anxiety and improve your quality of nightly sleep.

By employing a targeted approach to wellness, you are far more likely to feel healthier, happier and more energised every day.