Frequently asked questions

+ Debloating + Digestion: 1-3 tablets after food
+ Daily Multivitamin: 1-2 tablets after food
+ Omega 3 + Power: 1 soft gel capsule after food
+ Energy + Mood: 1 capsule after food
+ Sleep + Anxiety: 1-3 tablets in the evening after food
+ Skin + Clarity: 1-2 tablets daily after food
+ PMS Support + Hormone Balance: 1-2 tablets daily after food
+ Hair Growth + Strength: 1 capsule after food

Our recommended dose is one to three vitamins per day per product.

Yes you can pause your subscription. A 30 day notice period will apply. To pause your subscription, email

We recommend consistent consumption for 90 days at a time in order to experience optimal results.

Please see below vegan vitamins available:

+ Debloating + Digestion

+ Energy + Mood

+ Sleep + Anxiety

+ Daily Multivitamin

Yes, all our vitamins are designed in either capsule form or an oval shape making them easy to swallow

There are 30 tablets per bottle.

Yes you can. You can cancel your subscription at any time, with a month’s notice by emailing us on

Delivery takes 2-5 working days.

Yes, you can with pleasure. Login to your account and click “Start Consultation”. The products recommended will be updated according to your new preference. Have a problem? Email us on, we are available to assist

Yes, all products which are in a capsule form are VegiCaps

We offer nationwide free shipping on any orders above the value of R300. Shipping of R50 will be applied to orders below the value of R300