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Get a spring in your step with our revitalised wellness regime

Springtime and the sunny season brings with it fresh promise and opportunities for the final quarter of the year. And what a year it’s been! In the era of Covid-19, lockdowns, protests and immense pressures on the economy, all this stress takes a toll on our psyche and our body.

That’s why VitaminMe, South Africa’s premium scientifically formulated range of vitamin products, has compiled this easy-to-follow guide to a more healthy body and mind this spring.


Step 1 – Sleep well So many of us skimp on sleep, especially in the sunnier season when we’re more active and want to make the most of the longer days. But it’s essential to get a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night for a healthy body and mind. Have trouble sleeping? Try Sleep + Anxiety

Step 2 – Get active The body thrives on movement, and exercise is vital to keep it in tip-top shape, no matter the season. If you’ve lapsed into couch potato mode during winter, however, spring is the ideal time to get back on track. Ensure you get 150 minutes of exercise or more every week.

Step 3 – Eat healthy As you emerge from that winter cocoon, and get more active, it’s important to feed your body with the right fuel. That means eating enough fruit and veg a day (at least five portions), and including whole grains and fibre in your diet. Need advice on a suitable diet plan? Speak to our online dietitian.

Step 4 – Be sun wise

Dermatologists recommend wearing a minimum SPF 15 sunscreen (or more, depending on your skin type) and a hat that protects your whole neck and face from the direct sun. After all, the skin is one of the body’s vital organs, so it needs to be properly protected at all times.

Step 5 – Stay hydrated As the sunnier days come around, many of us rely on ‘refreshing’ sugary drinks or colas to rehydrate, but these options aren’t generally beneficial for the body, and can often have the opposite effect, by leaving us dehydrated. Drink enough water (about 2.5 litres) in warmer weather, and stay hydrated.

Step 6 – Tone those muscles Part of a good exercise regime not only includes a good amount of cardiovascular exercise (such as running, cycling and walking) but muscle-strengthening movements too. Get those muscles flexing at least twice a week.

Step 7 – Don’t forget your eyes The springtime brings more glare and harsher sunlight with it, which means an increased risk of the harmful effects of the sun on your eyes. Avoid direct sunlight between 10am and 2pm and make sure your sunglasses are UVA and UVB protective. Reduce the risk of macular degeneration with Brain + Heart Health.

Step 8 – Keep your mind in shape As they say, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. Keeping your brain active and your mood elevated will ensure a more healthy body through more desire to exercise, and following the right diet. If you’re in a ‘funk’, you’re more likely to fall off the wagon, eat badly and skip the gym. Five minutes of me-time can make all the difference.


Following our eight-step wellness programme will go a long way to ensuring that you’ll be happier and healthier this spring. Start now.