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Get brain and heart wise

We all know the feeling of being “under the weather” or lethargic. The human body is a complex system that relies on optimum health to function properly and efficiently, and if you feel “flat” or groggy, your vital organs might be lacking the nutrients and exercise they need.

While maintaining a healthy diet is key to good overall health, it is also vital to ensure that the heart and brain are included in your wellness plan. After all, these are some of the body’s most vital organs, and without them being in tip-top health, the body loses its ability to function as well as it should.

Sub-header: Building a healthy heart and brain
Here are some pointers to add to your everyday routine:

  • Exercise your brain
    Giving your brain new activities helps to stimulate your thought processes and can improve memory function, especially as you age. Try your hand at crosswords, learn a new language that you have always wanted to try or meditate every day before you start your nine-to-five.
  • Keep your ticker pumping
    Ensure you ideally get 150 minutes of exercise every week. If you aren’t a “gym bunny”, don’t worry, you can walk briskly around the block, play tennis or cycle to the shop. 30 minutes of exercise a day, five days a week, will help keep your heart healthy.
  • Don’t forget your Omega-3s
    Omega-3 essential fatty acids are packed with health benefits, and DPA and EPA (among the 11 types of Omega-3s) are most beneficial for the heart and brain. Oily fish such as salmon and pilchards, as well as avocado and many other foods are high in Omega-3s.

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