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Get bug-fighting fit

As the summer days come to an end and the temperature gradually drops, the threat of winter bugs approaches us again.

Over the past year, we have all had so much to worry about, from adapting to new methods of working and navigating lockdown restrictions to ensuring our families “stay safe” through vigorous hand-washing, social distancing and wearing face masks in public places. But what is equally important is to build a strong immunity against colds, flu and other infections that are prevalent in the winter months (and throughout the year).

The best way of doing this is to get into a daily wellness routine so it becomes second nature.

Three easy steps to build your immunity
Here are some pointers:

  • Include these power foods in your diet
    Garlic (contains allicin, which helps increase immunity), ginger (may decrease inflammatory illnesses) and almonds (rich in Vitamin E, which is a good anti-oxidant) are all good ingredients for building immunity.
  • Keep your stress levels in check
    It may sound obvious, but so many of us live with stress every day and it takes a toll on our health, wearing the body down and making us more susceptible to illness. Ensure you get enough sleep every night, and exercise daily to keep those stress levels down.
  • Take the right multivitamins every day
    A multivitamin that suits your own needs will help to increase your immunity and improve the way your body functions.

VitaminMe has developed a range of vitamins that target the body’s various needs. Containing Vitamin C (a natural immune booster), Zinc, Vitamin D3 and packed with all the B vitamins that help to increase energy and mood levels and aid hair and nail growth, VitaminMe Immunity + Strength tablets will help boost immunity and strength while giving you more “vooma” throughout the day.

Ensuring you maintain a strong immune system this winter will ensure you stay healthier, stronger and more energised until those summer months roll around again.