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Have you got the guts to improve your stomach health?

Our modern lifestyle causes numerous stresses and strains to our bodies, where we may not eat the right foods or be in too much of a hurry to look after ourselves properly.

Our VitaminMe family have contacted us consistently about stomach issues in the past. These can include abdominal discomfort, a bloated feeling, constipation, an upset stomach, and acid reflux, which are all signs of an unhealthy gut. Living with stomach issues can in turn affect your appetite, sleep patterns, and mental health, which further affects your feeling of general well-being.

Causes of an unhealthy gut
The first step in achieving better gut health is to try and identify some of the causes. Perhaps you are not including enough fiber, and eating too much sugar-rich, trans-fat- and saturated-fat-heavy foods? This can negatively affect your good gut bacteria and cause a variety of stomach/digestion issues.

Be kind to your tummy
If you limit the above-mentioned ‘nasties’ in your diet and take a mental note to include the vital foods that your gut needs to function effectively every day, you should start feeling a positive difference.

Include yoghurt for its probiotic qualities, eat enough fiber-rich ingredients, such as whole grains and try to include ginger in your evening meals (for its calming effect on the stomach) or even in a morning smoothie. Then make sure that you include VitaminMe’s Debloating + Digestion tablets in your everyday vitamin regime. Containing natural ingredients such as milk thistle, fennel, and turmeric, which together have been scientifically proven to help to relieve stomach discomfort, abdominal bloating and distension (swelling), the tablets combined with a healthier diet will improve your gut health and in turn improve some of the other related symptoms, such as sleep issues and even moodiness caused by discomfort and pain.

You may also benefit from a healthier liver, clearer, glowing skin, and feel more refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

Be kind to yourself. Look after your gut!

Order Debloating + Digestion, and enjoy a happy, healthier stomach.