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Invest in your wellbeing without the fuss

Ever visited a pharmacy and browsed the aisles in search of the ultimate multivitamin that will work best for you? It’s daunting, isn’t it? From Omega 3s and Vitamin C to liver tablets and energy enhancers, the selection can be mind-boggling, not to mention expensive if you buy a whole selection of products to ‘cover all your bases’.

But it’s important to ask yourself – or get help in discovering – what your own body actually needs. Many people aren’t in tune with their specific wellness requirements, and after all, who has time in this busy world to chop and change with various multivitamin products and health regimes to see what works best for you?

A more pragmatic approach is beneficial when settling on a suitable range of multivitamins. This is why VitaminMe (a personalised vitamin range formulated to cater to individual needs), has developed a system where you’re offered a free online consultation where you’ll be asked about your lifestyle, health goals and needs, then given the appropriate advice on which vitamin products will suit you, your body, your age group and your nutritional needs, most. This process of ‘give-and-take’ not only educates you, it also informs the VitaminMe team about the needs of its customers. This in turn helps in tailoring future products and services to serve you and your body even more effectively.

Getting the right advice will set you on the path to fine-tuning your wellness regime and eliminating confusion and exasperation when settling on the appropriate vitamin routine and dietary plan. The best news is that the products are delivered to you, so you can avoid that busy pharmacy and save time to do the important things, like exercising, rejuvenating, spending time with your family, and taking time to eat right.