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Make your mission good nutrition

It’s no secret that healthy eating (and a healthy lifestyle) boosts your immunity and promotes optimum wellness.  

Over the past year, we’ve all had to incorporate an additional ‘health plan’ into our daily lives taking measures to avoid contracting COVID-19. We’ve all stockpiled hand sanitisers, bought masks, scrubbed our hands obsessively when returning from the mall and done our best to avoid crowded areas. But is that enough?

Well, while the above-mentioned measures are important in fighting against contracting nasty bugs, it’s equally vital to live a healthy lifestyle and consume the right foods and vitamins to ensure a strong immune system, which can help prevent illness and increase your chances of a quicker recovery if you do get sick.

Your wellness journey made easy
Here are some common issues people experience and the foods/vitamins that help address them:

  • B vitamins
    Suffer from lethargy and foggy brain? You might not be getting enough B vitamins in your diet. Eggs, meat and wholegrains are rich in these essential vitamins, which give you energy, aid digestion and maintain brain and skin health.

Supplement Solution:

  • Zinc
    Feeling run down? Ensure you’re eating enough nuts, seeds, shellfish, dairy and meat (all rich in zinc, which helps boost immunity).

Supplement Solutions:

  • Turmeric and Fennel
    Got digestion/bloating issues? Turmeric aids detoxification of the body, fights indigestion and is a good anti-inflammatory; while fennel’s high in fibre and helps the gut rid itself of the bacteria that causes bloating. 

Supplement Solution:

Still feeling unsure? VitaminMe (a tailormade vitamin plan for your own needs) provides useful information on our website and newsletter (read our latest Wellness Corner posts online for wellness tips and more), while our nutritionist will give you the firm footing needed to get started.

This complimetary consultation with the nutritionist will involve being asked about your daily eating and lifestyle habits; then you’ll be advised on how to adjust your daily regime to achieve better health results. 

Schedule your free consultation today, and get on the path to a healthier you.