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Rejuvenate your skin the VitaminMe way – find out how

Not everyone is aware of what the signs of unhealthy skin are. Many of us are too busy with our daily lives or focusing on other health concerns to listen to what our skin is telling us.

If you’re experiencing bouts of acne or notice a dull, pigmented appearance, your skin is telling you (perhaps screaming) that it needs attention, and it’s time for you to wake up and listen. Many of those in our VitaminMe family were dealing with skin issues such as these and have asked us to formulate something that would address them.

And just like that, Skin Clarity + Glow was born, just for you. Like the other products in our wellness range, Skin Clarity + Glow is imbued with all the essential nutrients necessary to target a specific health concern.

Containing Marigold flower (a natural anti-bacterial and antiseptic used for stimulating collagen production, smoothing wrinkles and removing impurities) and bamboo silica (rejuvenates skin, retains moisture and aids cell-growth), Skin Clarity + Glow gives your epidermis the care it needs without the fuss. Additional nutrients, meanwhile, such as Burdock (with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents for alleviating acne and eczema and detoxifying the blood while combating visible aging); and turmeric (rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that result in a natural glow and clearer complexion) all combine to further boost your skin’s health.

When your skin feels hydrated, looks clear and blotch-free, and you notice that natural glow, you can rest assured knowing that Skin Clarity + Glow is getting that epidermis in shape again. All you need to do is ensure you make it part of your daily wellness regime.

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