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The Struggle with Sleeplessness and Anxiety

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at the ceiling in the dead of night, listening to the unsettling sound of your own heartbeat, wondering if you were going to ever fall asleep, only to be interrupted by the sound of your alarm…

Congratulations, you make up a third of the population who struggle with sleeplessness.

The Relationship Between Anxiety and Insomnia

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that nearly 36% of insomnia sufferers have an affinity for…you guessed it, Anxiety. Whilst an entire disorder all on its own, anxiety and insomnia are closely linked, causing similar physical triggers and stressors. When treating either one of these disorders you will more than likely find yourself dealing with a crossover, which means it is highly important to find a treatment that does not flair the other.

Natural Remedies

Fortunately for us, nature foresaw the coming of what has categorically been termed the “Era for Stress” and provided us with natural sources for healing and more importantly, for its calming potential.

Valerian Root is something that one comes across in Greek or Roman Mythology. Whether we are to believe these ancient stories or not, one thing is certain, and that is the longevity of this Root in ancient healing lore. In more scientific resources, Valerian Root has become one of the go to ingredients in both over the counter and prescription medication, assisting with both insomnia and anxiety, as well as digestive issues and pain which also contributes to sleeplessness.

Another favorite is Passion Flower, taking its place in history with its direct involvement in biblical theology. Passion Flower has been brought to the foreground because of its fragrant smell, its pleasant taste and more importantly its calming properties. Theanine is another discovery that many who had previously been subjected to the use of prescription medication in order to manage their anxiety disorders, have now found as a beneficial and more natural alternative.

How Do I Use This Information to Help Me?

Anxiety and Insomnia are as curable as they are easy to develop. It is important to understand the use of these ingredients as the basis of a holistic approach to a well-rounded lifestyle.

VitaminMe has developed a Sleep + Anxiety tablet as part of their range that blends the aforementioned ingredients into one focused supplement. Including this vitamin into a wellness routine will provide you with the ability to manage your stress. The primary function is to aid sleep gently but efficiently and keep you in a deep slumber so that you may regenerate whilst the slow release of the ingredients will keep you calm through the day and prepare you for the rest that you need and deserve.

If we are all going to be a statistic anyway, at least we could be a part of the population who found relief.