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Stronger and longer locks

Have you always dreamed of longer, thicker hair to envy that of supermodels, Hollywood stars and Disney princesses? We know the feeling. It seems ironic that they epitomise hair goals yet break every rule in the good hair book… We’re seeing hot tools, constant dye jobs, elaborate hairstyles, and lots of products. All this without the slightest sign of a split end. The situation is so infuriating and perplexing to us mere mortals!

Thankfully we have rounded up some easy yet effective tips, tricks and trade secrets to help you achieve great celebrity status strands. Take a look below:

1. Try not to over-wash your hair

While many of us find it difficult to stick to a consistent hair-washing routine, hyper diligence won’t bode well for your strands either. Many people like to wash their hair every day so that they feel it’s clean, shiny and healthy. However, this strips away the natural oils in your hair, which leaves your hair drier and more likely to break. Over washing your hair can also result in more split ends, frizz and knots. A great alternative to daily washing is using dry shampoo as it can extend the time between shampoos, particularly for people with fine or oily hair.

2. Keep heated hairstyling tools for special occasions

On busy mornings, it might seem tempting to quickly run a blow-dryer over your hair before you’re out of the shower room, but heated implements can be your hair’s worst enemy. Heat-styling damp hair is the best way to zap the life out of it. That steam you see rising is often your hair busy dying before your very eyes… obviously, we’re being a little dramatic, the damage to your hair won’t be visible overnight however it does accumulate, and over time results in brittle, dry lifeless hair. Save the heat for special occasions and look at potential ways you could style your hair using heatless methods.

3. High price points do not equal high performance

Modern-day marketing might have you convinced that higher price points translate into better product performance, but this is not always true. You don’t have to only buy haircare products at your salon, products bought from a pharmacy or supermarket can work perfectly well for your haircare needs. Instead of being guided by price points, do your homework beforehand. Check reviews, and ask hairstylists and other friends who may have used the product before.

4. Hot water can turn into a hot mess

If there’s one cardinal rule that all hairstylists swear by, it is dialling back the temperature of your shower when washing hair. Avoid using hot water on hair, even if you are shampooing with warm water. Using hot water on your hair can be very damaging, potentially leaving you with problems like hair fall, dandruff, and an irritated scalp. Rather rinse off your shampoo and conditioner with cooler water, as it seals the cuticle and gives extra shine.

5. Take vitamins, because it all starts within

We’ve saved the best tip for last. Vitamin formulations are a great way to improve your concerns dramatically, as it gives your body what it needs to flourish especially for hair that’s regularly heat styled and processed. VitaminMe Hair Growth + Strength is your answer to a great hair day, every day. We truly suggest not ever leaving the house without it. Just one capsule a day contains all the hair-loving vitamins your body needs to ensure optimal scalp health, allowing your hair to grow faster, thicker, and healthier.

Our vital Hair Growth + Strength formula features Biotin, Kelp, and Zinc.

  • Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that stimulates keratin production (a protein that makes up the hair, skin, and nails). It also improves the infrastructure of cells and increases the rate of follicle growth.
  • Kelp is a type of seaweed used as a source of various salts and is included in this product for its naturally high iodine content (which is essential for hair regeneration and aids thyroid regulation); while the kelp itself — which is ten times higher in calcium than milk — strengthens hair and prevents breakage.
  • Zinc is an essential micronutrient that plays an important role in making proteins in your hair and other cells. Your body can’t produce zinc, therefore you need to get it from food or supplements. Common signs of low zinc levels include hair loss, poor wound healing, and a weak sense of taste or smell. Zinc has been known to assist the oil glands around the hair follicles to ensure they are working properly, resulting in healthier, longer and stronger hair.  

Be fair to your hair, and take our advice – the more you look after it now, and give it the vitamins and minerals it needs, the better and more luscious your locks will be going into the future.

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