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Supporting you through those PMS highs and lows

Hormonal imbalance and premenstrual symptoms – none of them pleasant – can range the spectrum, from hot flashes and acne to hair loss, gaining weight, and experiencing pain during intercourse (not to mention mood swings, anxiety, and depression), with each possible symptom ranging in severity depending on your physical make-up.

In short, PMS can be a torment for many women and teenage girls.

VitaminMe – your personalised range of vitamin products using top-quality ingredients, specially created to target your body’s own needs – has responded to your call for an effective PMS fighter that makes that dreaded ‘time of the month’ so much easier to navigate.

PMS Support + Hormone Balance
Our new feminine product, formulated just for you. Containing the following natural ingredients, as well as many other nutrients included for their effectiveness, PMS Support + Hormone Balance tablets will make symptoms experienced during menstruation far more tolerable, and give you your hormonal equilibrium back, leaving you feeling like a new woman.

Key ingredients:

  • Ashwagandha – a natural stress-reliever that contains chemicals said to calm the brain, reduce swelling and lower blood pressure while helping the body to deal with physical and emotional stress.
  • St Johns Wort – also relieves physical and mental PMS symptoms, and is said to be effective in easing cramps, food cravings and breast tenderness.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – contains powerful antioxidants that fight damaging free radicals, curb inflammation and help circulation and mental performance.
  • Paeonia laci­ora (White Peony) – calms both physical and emotional stress, alleviates menstrual cramps by easing muscle spasms, and soothes abdominal issues.

For best results, ensure you take PMS Support + Hormone Balance tablets as part of your vitamin regime every day (along with your other VitaminMe products), and make those nasty PMS symptoms become simply a bad memory.