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Tailoring your health plan to the seasons – a targeted approach

Even in ‘normal’ times, it’s a good idea to spring clean your vitamin regime for the new season. While in winter we need to concentrate our efforts on building our immunity (such as ensuring we get enough Vitamin C) to avoid getting affected by colds and flu, spring is the time to focus on allergy prevention and exercising more in an effort to lose that winter flab, while detoxing from the excesses (such as too much wine and rich food) that put a strain on the liver and gut during the chillier months.

Because we tend to eat different foods and smaller portions in spring, this also needs to be taken into account as the weather gets warmer and our diets adapt accordingly. As the beach beckons us again in the sunnier days, we all want to get back in shape, which means exercising harder at the gym. It’s a good idea then, to ensure that your antioxidant intake is sufficient to counter the excess free radicals that are produced during those intense workouts to rebuild that beach body.

VitaminMe, your personalised wellness regime, has made it easy to adapt your vitamin intake to the seasons. Through its targeted approach to cater to specific body requirements, VitaminMe has scientifically formulated its range of vitamin products to cover every phase the body enters throughout the year, and throughout adult life.

For example:

Energy + Mood is the ideal supplement to take once you hit the gym more seriously again. Increased exercise can lead to lethargy and exhaustion or a feeling of burn-out, and a capsule that contains Vitamin B12 will give you the increased energy levels you need to stay active and on track to maximum fitness.

Immunity + Strength may seem to be the perfect winter supplement, but it’s important to keep your bases covered during springtime too, ensuring that your body is still building immunity against those last lingering winter bugs and early summery sniffles. Rich in B-complex vitamins, which help to boost energy and mood; and zinc, which assists the skin to stay healthy when it’s needed most during the warmer season (when we expose ourselves to the sun on a daily basis, whether we’re aware of it or not), these capsules will do the trick.

Adapting your vitamin regime for spring will ensure a healthier, rejuvenated body that will give you the confidence and willpower to hit the beach, and the gym. And if you want more guidance on eating right for your body, schedule a free consultation with our online dietitian.