Health, with benefits.

What is


Quite simply, it’s how we say thank you for being healthy. It reflects how we feel about our growing and glowing community, which is at the beating heart of everything we do.

The VitaminMe community is made up of a group of unique, wellness-minded people who want to unlock exciting perks and points, linked to efforts in forming healthy habits. Let’s admit we can all do with some encouragement to stick to good habits sometimes.

How does

it work?

Every time you buy VitaminMe products there are VitCoin to be earned!

100 VitCoin is worth R10. These unique VitCoin can be used when buying VitaminMe products online.

Earn VitCoin when you:

Buy VitaminMe products or sign up for subscriptions.

For each product or monthly subscription you earn 50 VitCoin.

Create an account with VitaminMe

Get 200 VitCoin when you create an account with us

Spread the word! Make a point, to earn points.

Tell your friends and family. When they buy any VitaminMe product you get a whopping 500 VitCoin on their first purchase (the equivalent of R50).