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VitaminMe customer reviews

Irene S.

"So excited about my new VitaminMe routine. I feel less fatigue during long work days and feel a lot more energised to give my best. I will definitely be ordering this product again!" - verified customer, ENERGY + MOOD.

Lucinda B.

“My daily wellness routine has gotten a whole lot better with VitaminMe's Debloating & Digestion Pill. Optimising my digestive system, alleviate bloating, clear; glowing skin. Highly recommend using this vitamin as part of your daily routine." - verified customer, DEBLOATING + DIGESTION.

Kelly S.

“VitaminMe SLEEP + ANXIETY has really helped me with stress relief and managing my sleep effectively. I feel refreshed in the morning.” -verified customer, SLEEP + ANXIETY

Zoe K.

“So happy with my Debloating & Digestion Vitamins that I ordered from Vitamin Me, they've made such a great change to my daily routine because I feel like my body is working & functioning smoother & better.” – verified customer, DEBLOATING + DIGESTION

Meet our
In-house Dietician

Ashleigh Solomon

Our in-house nutritionist is at your disposal for advice on the personalised vitamin regime, diet and lifestyle adjustments best suited to your optimal wellbeing. Schedule a 20-minute complimentary consultation and get ready to start your journey to holistic wellbeing!

Why VitaminMe

A vitamin regime designed for your personal wellness journey

Industry-leading vitamin formulations, highest-quality ingredients base

90-day-money-back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with your results

Built for convenience: online consultation, ordering + delivery to your door

Complimentary consultations with our in-house nutritionist team

Subscription packages so you never miss a day, pause or cancel at any time

Ethically sourced ingredients, environmentally-friendly and fully recyclable packaging

Delivery across South Africa, free delivery for monthly subscription orders


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